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McGraw Hill

As the global leader in adaptive learning, McGraw-Hill Education Learning Science Platforms unlocks superior organizational performance by driving mastery and measurable results through a powerful data layer. When a course is delivered on our platform, it creates a data layer that powers not only adaptive learning but also tailored instruction and agile authoring. The benefits are summarized below: 

  • Learners receive the right content at the right time, maximizing learning efficiency, effectiveness, engagement, and retention. 
  • Instructors grasp class dynamics through real-time analytics and know exactly what their learners are struggling with, so they can quickly adapt instruction.  
  • Authors understand what content works and doesn’t work, so they can continually refine content.    

The technology is based on educational theory and cognitive science that explores intuitive design, metacognition, memory, and the personalized delivery of concepts. Over the past decade, MHE has invested over $500 million (via organic growth and strategic acquisitions) to make this vision of scientifically-based learning a reality.

MHE is now offering a select group of corporate clients the opportunity to license the adaptive learning platforms and create their own adaptive experiences. Tested by over five million students and four thousand authors, our platforms integrate with all major LMS systems and can combine all forms of digital media (e.g. video, audio, text, image) into one unified learning experience.