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Leading Edge provides transformational development programs that teach leaders, managers, and high-potential professionals how to drive engagement, move teams forward, and deepen relationships.  Our workshops and online courses focus on the most critical skills that learners can immediately apply on the job and within their whole life.  

While other learning companies may teach similar topics, our learning experience is what sets us apart.  We provide “learning through laughter.”  This unique approach to training blends improvisational comedy, peer interaction, the latest research, and skill practice.  Course objectives and lessons “come alive” through customized comedic scenes that incorporate your company’s jargon, changes, customers, and brands.  Our one-of-a-kind training methods create a safe, interactive and enjoyable learning environment, allowing managers and employees to deepen trust, develop, and retain critical skills.  Leading Edge is a powerhouse of talented and comedic instructors.  We travel throughout the U.S. and abroad working with businesses, government agencies, and academic institutions.

Website: http://leadingedgecoaches.com/